Welded Wire Mesh

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Hengte Wire Mesh Products Co. Ltd. is certified Welded mesh manufacturer; having wide experience in designing and manufacturing welded wires and different types of welded mesh products. We are the largest welded mesh manufacturing company in china producing low carbon steel, stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized and electric galvanized welded wire mesh products. We have pioneered the Chinese industry by supplying highest in quality ISO 9001:2008 certified products to contractors and construction companies in china. Being the industry leading manufacturer and supplier, we operate technically updated manufacturing plants to produce A-quality welded wire mesh in widest range of gauges, sizes and rolls. We are largest manufacturing company of welded mesh in China and our mesh products are widely utilized in hundreds of applications including the most versatile construction applications mentioned below:


- Isolation and fencing of highways, railways, sidewalks, sports fields and transport centers.
- Ideal for filling the concrete floor slabs to make durable and rigid surface beds.
- Utilized as high guard for securing buildings, factories, gardens and prisons.
- Best utilized for reinforcing mesh for filling concrete and road pavements.
- Utilized in the form of strong gabion boxes for concrete retaining walls.
- Suitable for reinforcing box culverts and pre-casting of stadium seating.
- Securing the prison areas, detention centers and government facilities.
- Ideal for heat treating operations, water filtration and screening.
- Commonly utilized for commercial grade aggregate screening.


- Strong and durable frame structure with tensile strength.
- Highly durable and consistent in terms of longer service life.
- Stainless steel wire with PVC coating for corrosion resistance.
- Hot-dipped galvanized coating for excellent oxidation resistance.
- Maintenance-free structure that will save future cost of repairs.
- Excellent resistance and protection against acid and alkali materials.
- Fully resistive to sunshine, humidity and unlike weather conditions.


Wire Diameter: 0.9 - 3mm.
Material: Low carbon steel or stainless steel wire.
Standard roll size: length = 30m; width = 0.5m - 1.8m.
Finish: Electric galvanized, hot-dip galvanized or PVC-coated.

Being industry leading welded mesh manufacturer, our products are highly demanded by our customers in UK, USA, UAE, Turkey, Philippines, Qatar, South Africa, Australia and India. HengTe Mesh are widely known for their quality and competitive prices as our Welded mesh products are highly durable and firm where they are utilized. Place your orders by filling the form below, or you may visit our contact us page to get a quote from one of our 24/7 active sales staff member. You might also be interested in browsing our extensive selection of fiberglass mesh clothing and chain link fence at affordable prices and custom sizes.